Turówka Hotel & SPA****

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Turówka Hotel & SPA⋆⋆⋆⋆

Rules and Regulations

Please familiarize yourself with rules and regulations at the Turówka Hotel & Spa ****. Complying with the rules will contribute to the peaceful and comfortable stay of both yourself and other hotel guests.

1. Rooms are rented per day.

2. Hotel day starts at 2 PM and lasts until 11 AM the next day.

3. If you wish to extend your stay, you should report it at the reception desk until 10 AM on the last day of the scheduled stay. Extending the hotel day after 2 PM is 50% of the value of the hotel day and depends on the availability of the room.

4. Hotel guests are obliged to show a photo ID/passport and to sign a
Registration Card upon arrival.

5. Animals are not allowed at the hotel due to the comfort and safety of
all hotel guests.

6. The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standards. Should you have any reservations regarding the quality of our services, please report them at the Reception.

7. The Hotel is not liable for any loss or damage ocurred in the Hotel on
the grounds of articles 846 – 849 of the Polish Civil Code, unless the
involved parties agree otherwise.

8. The hotel is not liable for any damage or loss of a car or other
vehicle belonging to the guest.

9. The Hotel’s liability for the loss or damage of money, securities,
valuables, objects of scientific or artistic value is limited unless
the items were deposited at the Hotel Reception.

10. The hotel Guest takes a material responsibility for all and any
damage caused by the Guest or persons visiting him/her.

11. Guests should notify the reception immediately after discovering any

12. Every time when leaving the room Hotel Guests should lock the doors
and windows.

13. During the stay, guests are not allowed to hand the room keys over to the third parties.

14. People who are not registered as Hotel Guests are allowed stay in rooms from 7 AM to 10 PM. Hotel Guests who host unregistered people after 10 PM agree to pay for their stay accordingly to the Hotel price list.

15. The hotel has quiet hours policy at night. 10 PM to 7 AM. Guests disturbing night quiet hours, making it difficult for other guests, will be checked out.

16. Due to fire safety Hotel Guests are not allowed to use any heaters, irons and other appliances, apart from regular room equipment or the one provided by the Hotel Staff.

17. Smoking in the premises is prohibited (including e cigarettes). When violating the smoking ban, Hotel Guests will be charged with a the room or shared facility refreshing fee of 500 PLN as well as with the fire brigade intervention cost.

18. It is forbidden to take out meals and drinks from the Restaurant / Cafe.

19. For security reasons it is forbidden to store any items (including groceries and alcoholic beverages) at the balconies, windows and sills. Guests who do not comply with the prohibitions will be charged with the expense of an intervention of appropriate departments removing items that pose a potential threat to other Guests.

20. The hotel may refuse to accept a Guest, who previously violated Hotel Rules and Regulations, causing damage to hotel property, damage to another person or otherwise disturbed a peaceful stay or Hotel functioning.

21. Personal belongings left in a room will be sent back to the indicated address. Unless a guest provides a shipping address the belongings will be stored in the Hotel for up to six months.